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Ikea LED Lights

Dr Dave

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I have just completed installing some ikea striplights under the cupboards in the van and very good they are too.The name is 'ledberg' and for 3 - strips they cost £10.99 which in total is about 75 cm long they are supplied with clips and screws so only few tiny holes to put them up. They come with a 240v / 12 volt transformer which is redundant in my installation. Just to make sure that i did not exceed the rated voltage of 12 volts by any significant margin i have installed 2 silicon rectifiers and a 1 amp fuse in series with the lights Why you may ask? The normal running voltage of motorhome electrics is about 13.8v which is 1.8 volts higher than the strips are rated at. The silicon rectifiers have a forward voltage drop of 0.7 volts each so a total forward drop of 1.4volts meaning the strips always run at 12.4 volts maximum and usually less than that depending on the state of charge of the leisure batteries interestingly they are bright enough for us when tested on a 9 volt battery They are warm white and look quite stylish. The current consumtion per 25mm strip is 0.6 watt total so 1.8 watts total, good for mood lighting.



A good strip for cool white applications is the Ikea Dioder which has 4 strips and steel clips this is £19.99 and is a thinner profile than the ledberg and is 0.7 watts per strip so 2.8w per 4 strips. The spec says its warm white but its nearer cool white.

I have installed this type as a roof light to get rid of any dark spots as the Chausson only has one roof light near the front


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I have just bought one of these. It can be cut to any length and you can solder new wires to each of the cut lengths and make up several strips from the 5 meters.


Using an old leisure battery and an old solar panel I have now lit up the summer house - A dusk till dawn switch ensures that there is light to the outside of the summer house and the rest have been used inside on a switch.


I will be getting some more for the new 'van when it arrives in May.

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