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Phu ket Phi Phi thailand


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OH - honest view.


We were there 3 years ago, and we thought it was utter rubbish.

Cheap tat, dirty, Brit pubs, child prostitutes. Just very sad and tacky.


But we LOVED Chang Mai, in the north of Thailand.

I would go back there anytime.

Much cleaner climate, not so humid, far more "Thai", awesome scenery, feeding bay elephants in a rescue centre will always be a fond memory. Lovely place. Indeed all off the Northern region seems great.


But to get to any of these places be aware that usually you have to fly in/out of Bangkok and then get internal flights to the other cities....spent not a second longer than you have to in Bangkok, that's in the main an overcrowded stinking cesspit of a place. I n Bangkok there are just a few things worth doing, if you are not into child prostitutes or Ladyboys..........Flower market is very good. Night market is also excellent. River boat trips are an eye opener to see the squalor away from the posh hotels.


I think I'd go for Bali over Thailand.

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Hi Michele

we went to Phuket and one of the islands some 15 years ago. Also Bankok. We loved it, yes it is noisy, crowded, but a great place to visit . (Bankok) At that time Phuket was lovely, that was of coarse before the Sunami, so I guess it will be a lot different now. Found cheap meals, if you go where the "Locals " go

I say go and see for yourself. All your replies so far , seem to be from the males on the forum, and they have a different view of things to us females. (Ie noticing only the prostitures, etc)

Go see, after all its only a holiday, you are not planning to live there, its totally different to Europe


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