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18mm Plywood Piece-Parts

Uncle Bulgaria

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I'm on the search for advice, again. I want to get some parts made in 18 mm thick, low,density plywood sheet to make up a storage solution in my motorhome. The total material required is a piece 2269 mms long by 480 mms wide, cut into a number of pieces.


Does anyone know of a caravan / motorhome / boat builder / furniture builder in the East Midlands who I could approach to get these parts made?


All advice much appreciated, as always.



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Richard it all depends on the strength of your project. B & Q in the large stores near us do 2 or 3 cuts free and theor cutting machine is very good better than most and they keep a good range of all types of ply and MDFsheets



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Guest Tracker

An 8' x 4' Standard sheet 18mm plywood, or 3/4" as us oldies used to call it, thick is a lot heavier than lightweight ply as anyone who has carried both will tell you!


But it also a lot stronger so I guess the OP must have a reason for specifying lightweight?



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A standard sheet of 18mm ply 1220 x 2440mm or 8ft x 4ft weighs approx 32kg.


You are only using a part sheet but weight may still have to be a consideration.


As suggested the major DIY suppliers (eg B and Q) have cutting facilities and from my experience their panel sawing equipment is good and accurate. First number of cuts free. They only cut out square or rectangular shaped to the best of my knowledge.


Have you tried a search through yellow pages for furniture maker etc who could supply/cut out the parts for you if they are shaped in any way

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Guest Peter James

Depends on the type of wood of course, hardwood ply can be twice the weight of softwood.

Best to get exterior ply if there is any chance of it getting wet.

I use 8x4 birch faced shuttering ply - about £30 for an 8x4 sheet.

Is there any reason why you can't buy a cheap electric power tool jig saw and cut it yourself?

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Not sure why 18mm thick if lightweight product is required (?)

For furniture board 15mm is commonally the thickest available.

Also "ordinary" ply (internal or marine grades) will require a lot of finishing.


Have a look at Magnum Motorhome's (Grimsby) selection



& scroll down to Furniture Boards for different surface colour finishes.


Other possible alternative suppliers:-

O'Leary's, Beverley www.olearymotorhomes.co.uk

Autocraft, Chesterfield http://www.autocraftmotorcaravans.com/category.asp?c=140


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Depends which part of the East Midlands.

If you want wood cutting facilaties a wood yard in Mansfield Woodhouse is called V L Pegg they supply all types of wood and have a cutting service.

Address:Old Mill Lane Industrial Estate

Postcode:NG19 9BG

City/Town:Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield (Nottinghamshire)

Main phone:01623 643702


Might be worth a call.


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