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Hi Rosie


Travel Insurance – Pre-existing Medical Condition

Compiled from web searches & some” outandabout” threads.

Those named below all specialise in pre-existing Medical Conditions, but each have differing load ratings for each “condition”.

So one may be substantially lower for one condition, but expensive for another, therefore you need to check who is the best Insurer for your/partners’ specific condition.

Also be prepared for an initial shock, if you select the Insurer with the highest "loading" for your condition. Best remember you still have a choice of others.


In my experience is that Saga & RIAS fall somewhere between a "standard" Insurer & the specialist pre-existing Medical Condition Insurer. So they may or may not be able to provide the same level of cover as the Specialists. They do not insure you but direct you to companies relative to your condition.





(in no particular order)












British Insurers Brokers Association via Worldwide Travel Insurance Services Ltd?

Telephone 01892 833 338. Email - sales@worldwideinsure.com


Comparison site


Other possibilities

Brunsdon-- 01452 623623

City Bond---0870 4446431

Healthcare Partners--0800 0665604

Atlas---0870 811 1700

AXA 0800 068 3911

CO-OP--0845 746 4646

Fish--01772 724442

Freedom Travel--0870 744 3760

Halifax---0800 032 1751

Insurance Choice--0844 5577620

Venturesure --0845 2303521

Age Concern --0845 6851058

Flexicover Direct 0870 4608932

Marcus Hearn 020 7739 3444


For USA Lincare---+001 407 846 4144 Main Office

Added 5-12-2011

There is a Swiss organisation called Swissassist www.swissassist.com

which appear to operate in conjunction with E111. The E111 seems to cover emergency hospital care in the country you are in to the same extent as residents of that country. It does not cover repatriation for medical emergency.


Swissassist operates an emergency air ambulance service 24/7 and apparently fly the hospitalised patient back home arranging transfers, liaison over language problems, and ambulance transfers to your local hospital so you can fall back into good old fashioned NHS care


They currently are offering one year cover for 50 euro, and don't seem to exclude any preconditions. They also seem to repatriate accompanying family member at the same time. It operates only in european countries, so no good for stateside or further afield.


Membership of the German breakdown/automobile association ADAC have a similar scheme. http://www.adac.de/

They include medical assistance in the cover.

They will not pick up treatment costs, but they will transport members & spouse home and the motorhome if both unable to drive. They will even fly you home in a private air ambulance and recover the motorhome to your address.


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Last year we got our travel insurence from the Campingand Caravan club they then give you the number to ring for your extra health insurence for both of us with pre-existing conditions was only about £19 extra on top! I cant remember now the cost for the whole six weeks something around £180 I think and that included cover for the two dogs.


I need to shop around for this year so I might also try some of the ones on Flicka,s list, thanks.

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Guest 1footinthegrave
Swissassist seem to have no terms and conditions that you can read on their website, On the face of it you do not need travel insurance being covered by the EU health card, and 50 Euro for their card, which all sounds far too simple. Anyone have any direct experience of this company, or can point to their terms and conditions would be a help. ;-)
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The EU health card covers you for medical treatment at reduced cost in most of Europe.


Swissassist is simply an air ambulance company that will fly you home in a medical emergency. One or two family members also brought home free.

( A bigger family than that and presumably extras will be charged ).


Travel insurance is necessary to cover all other charges as well as medical and repatriation: other private medical treatment, mountain rescue costs, stolen property etc etc.


As Swissassist state on their website, they are not an insurance company.


When looking at costs, always read the small print as usual !




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Guest 1footinthegrave
As I said, on the face of it there seems no need to have any with Swissassist, but I very much doubt that's the case. :-|
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Rosie - 2012-02-02 7:06 PM


Am seeking travel insurance for up to 90 days, including one pre-declared medical condition. (for wrinklies, ie. 1 x 72 1x 62) Fed up with trawling the net.


Any recommendations/advice please?





We do ours with Nationwide (Bank) 90 Days , Medical Problem and BOTH over 75, No problem


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