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What shall we do


What shall we do  

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I broke my arm in 4 places years ago.

I fell from a ladder and it snapped in 4 places , I knew as soon as I hit the deck I vomited I knew instantly it was broke . Took myself to the local and was told ,no its fine go home come back Monday morning and see the fracture clinic . Monday came saw the Dr he said no its not broke go home silly women and as an exercise wash the cups making sure your hand spins inside the cup.

I did and as I did it I sobbed this cant be right my arm is broke but it must be me being a baby. waited a week went back to the fracture clinic .Dr says hows it going I said well I know I aint no spring chicken but its very painful Dr , well it would be old bones dont heal as easy he said.

Just to be on the safe side we will xray again .16 xrays later its broke in 4 places . result 16 weeks in plaster malc off work as I couldnt do anything with the children.


My daughter was loading a horse and to cut a long story short (lol) the lunge line wizzed through her fingers and cracked two of them . Hospital next day same hospital.

NO its notbroke go back to work rtake it easy . Jodhi returns to work cant hold her clippers knifes hammer cnat pick up the hoof in short struggling badly .

I said visit your boyfriends hospital see what they say this is after 2 weeks moaning from her and the finger is so bent and still so swollen its all distorted . Off she goes and the hospital said where did you have this xrayed ? she told them Harlow essex . WEll its broke its broke so badly you should ofhad an op two weeks ago when it happened ... Now she is in plaster up to her elbow (for her finger ) and he is frightened to operate incase he restricts the movement she does have , The bone has snapped down the centre and bone has dropped and he is worried he cant even find a screw so small.



What would you do .

She is off work loosing money and her finger may never work again . Can the original hospital hide or replace her original xray ? 7 years traing for her job and now she may struggle for the rest of her working life .


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