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Ferries to Morocco


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Has anybody got any experience of ferries to Morocco?

We are thinking of crossing to Tangier by 1 of the shorter routes-I have heard you are better to buy tickets at the port rather than in advance.

We would welcome any advice.


LinofDe B-)

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We went to Cuetta, it is actually Spanish territory. You have to be careful with some of the agents touting for business usually some way out of the ports.


The ferry company will have an office at the port, if you ask you should find it OK, try asking at the actual boarding office, they will direct you.


I was ripped off by an agent but when I queried the price the ferry office refunded my ticket and almost halved the price!


Change your money in Morocco at a bank, avoid any street purveyors, they are thieves.


They do take Euros in most tourist shops.


Have fun and don't buy any herbs in plastic bags, they make you feel funny (lol)




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LinofDe - 2012-02-04 5:20 PM


Thanks for that, your web site is amazing and I am sure it will be very useful when we head to Morocco. We will be following your progress! :-D


Not me just been folowing the site as we saw thier Haymer aound southern spain a couple of weeks ago. You can contact them on the site.



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If you travel from Algeciras to Cuetta you go Spain to Spain and a ticket can be bought at the port. On getting to Cuetta fill up with diesel as it's cheaper than Spain. Your next step is to cross into Morocco and this can be a little disconcerting for those used to EU standards. You will have to fill in a separate document for the driver, for the passengers and for the vehicle. You and your passengers will have to present these in person at a booth with many other people queing to do the same thing as you will have to get your passport date stamped and a date stamp for the vehicle. If you enter Morocco with a vehicle it should leave with you. Things look disorganised at the border, but if you take your time it will all go smoothly. However, there are two things to remember:


First, always lock the vehicle even if there is someone inside. This will prevent an unauthorised person getting on board and sneaking across with you.


Secondly, do not give your documents to anyone to take up on your behalf no matter how persuasive or official that they appear. Be polite and firm and take them in person to the booth.


When you have done all this drive through and onwards and get clear. After a few miles stop and collect your thoughts and enjoy the wonderful experience that will unfold. Look out for the Marjane supermarkets.



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Hi everyone


Thanks for the kind words about our site. We love updating it and hope it's useful. We were rather dismayed at the lack of British motorhomes in Morocco. It's an amazing country and so easy to get into and around.


Carlos was great for the tickets. Suspect we could have got them a bit cheaper at the port each way, but he sorted out the vehicle import documents, gave us immigration forms to fill in and just made it all nice and easy for our first trip. We spoke to others out there and they go back to him year after year, so he's obviously not charging too much. It was also nice not to be in a scrum of touts at the port on the way back - we just waved our return ticket and they left us alone.


We've written a guide to motorhoming in Morocco to try and help those wanting to travel there independently. We found by going it alone it gave us freedom and saved us quite a few quid. There are details on our site.


We're back in Spain now and wandering where to head next. Hubby loved Morocco so much he's thinking of Tunisia now! Charlie (the dog) and I are looking forward to France and it's plentiful Aires.



OurTour.co.uk - A mid life European and Moroccan wander in a motorhome


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