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With a Talbot you are no longer a 'Virgin' because you are 'Fxxxed' , no, not funny.,I know ,sorry.

I ran a 1988 Talbot for 7 years, up until 2010 , mine was a petrol 1971cc so not quite the same 'beast'

I presume with a 2.5 TD you WILL have power steering ? if not, then my first sentence is true.

Actually mechanically they are quite reliable, rust will be your biggest enemy, both in the cab bodywork and the rear suspension supports, the chassis is usually pretty good. Also Engine support Mounts are rubber and tend to perish,the engine and gearbox 'Sag' which makes the gearchange a 'nightmare' and very sloppy. Mine was an Autosleeper Talisman so, had a pretty 'leakproof' moncoque body, what is yours ? I did many trouble free miles in mine, and only sold because the spares were getting difficult to source (e-Bay is the best place) and the Missus wanted something more 21st century ?? whatever that means ? i was happy, NO ecu's to worry about etc.

Good luck keep us posted. ;-) Ray


PS. a good informative website and forum with lots of similar vehicles is :



And I always found this one VERY helpful too:


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Hi Pasquale & welcome to the forum.


The Talbot was the most common van / chassis for conversion in it's day, so it would helpful if you can post the Registration Year for your van, together with the Convertor Model details. Also is the engine the turbo version ?

Or better still go to "Control panel" (above right) & enter the details there (as Location) as this will show on all of your posts.


Members can then answer with specific's.

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We had a camper with a 2.5 Peugeot turbo diesel engine without an intercooler and found that on long climbs in hot weather the engine would get very hot.. Our engine had two electric cooling fans which were staged. My first discovery was that the second stage fan had siezed up. However, with just a bit of manual help it was freed up. So when the engine is cold just make sure that both fans can be turned easily by hand. Then let the engine idle on a warm day until the temperature rises and make sure that the thermo switch operates both fans.


My final solution was to fit a manual override for the fans so that both would come on if required. This was a great help to keep it running at normal temperature. I have since spoken to quite a few people who have had this problem with this engine.



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