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Hi All!


Can anyone suggest where Sue & I can buy a very small, small as possible, microwave oven?


It doesn't matter if its 12v, 220v or both, but needs to be as small as possible.


We would really appreciate any advice.






(also posted on caravan section)

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Hi Alan

Have you looked at Tesco, or Comet or Currys, on line? Dixons also have an online site. Maybe Towsure or one of the other accesories sites Don't know about 12v , , as I don't have one. I very rarely use my one at home, so don't need one in the van, try to save on weight.


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There are a few compact ones:


Whirlpool Max 25 microwave


Selection of small ones




Daewoo compact


There was also a small Samsung one some years back, which was similar to the iWavecube in looks, we've just actually sold one of them which I picked up at a car boot sale last year and was going to use in our 'van but decided against it as we are rarely on site! *-) It was a great little thing though and ideal for a small space ... not sure if you'll find one though!

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The smallest we found was from Tesco, about 32 quid. Just a small domestic one and maybe too big for you, but it fitted under the rear travelling seat in our Tribby 665 and now goes in the "blanket drawer" of our Chausson. We use it on the dining table.


If you're planning to build it in somewhere, remember that the door may need extra space to open.

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