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Motor Insurance Scams


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I have lifted this from the Motorhomes Insurance thread because to continue it would have split the thread.




Mike B. - 2012-02-05 8:42 PM


tonyishuk - 2012-02-05 5:22 PM


Just to brighten your day, (Its too cold to go out !)




And if you happen to bump (or vice versa) into a foreign sounding chappie




Truth, unfortunately, is FAR stranger than fiction.




This is commonplace now-my daughter recently was a victim of this-

Traffic lights Red all stopped, changed to green, car in front set off then my daughter did then car in front stopped dead-my daughter hit the back at about 5 mph-damage to her car (Peugeot 106) cracked number plate-damage to car in front (Ford Focus) Nil that could be seen. Lady gets out (Of Eastern European origin) bends down and examines car, asks my daughter to pay rather than claim on insurance and then trots off to her home. Next day Husband rings up and says car is undrivable and needs £1200 of repairs! Luckily my daughter smelled a rat at the time and informed Insurance company so refused to pay and told him to speak to Insurers. 4 days later Insurers ring my daughter for more details saying guy is claiming for his wife-Repairs £1200, Whiplash £3000, Back injury £tba, Hire car, Physio & legal fees!!!

Can you believe it? I'm not even sure they had UK driving licences!


This is why the premiums are going up-the sooner they sort it the better





I hope you get it sorted out,


The insurance incompanies are behaving like our well respected "@ankers" who take with one hand and aso take with the other !


I had a minor ding in my sons car, A trade van tried to Teebone me. Like most accidents, a little patience would have gone a long way and saved a lot of hassel. But it was an "Accident " Guy was almost in tears because we had a couple of young children with us, and he had just become a father of two days.


However the number of calls I recived from ambulance chasers was unreal. Because the accident was so slight, at first I wondered what they were talking about. "Silly Naive Boy ! I was"


Yup, Insurance company takes the premium, Sells the accident information for fees, then ups everyones premiums because of the increased claims costs. Win Win and the chairman gets a nice little bonus for better business model.


I armed myself with one of these cameras/ What you capture on the SD card is truely amazing, Anything that looks as if it could come back and bite me, I copy off and keep


(Amber light jumps, Caught in the wrong place due to other drivers lack of though process, even got flashed by a camera doing 5 mph !! )





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nowtelse2do - 2012-02-06 7:16 PM


Don't think anyone could argue with that evidence Tony. Wonder if your insurance would come down if that was fitted. Worth considering because it gives you G-force impact and that would be from behind also.




One of the "features" of the camera is that it gives a slight melodic sound when the g force reaches a certain level and records the incident. (10 secs before and 10 after)


We refer to it as Fairy Dust, you can imagine the sprinklings as we drive over potholes !!


BTW there is a short video on the Roadhawk of one incident where a lorry overtaking a lorry going off at a slip road, and meeting a car coming down the sliproad the wrong way.


We have two mounts and swap the camera over as we change vehicles. Have not used it in anger yet, hope we dont have too. Just taking precautions.


I tried a cheaper bullet camera but it was no good. The`Roadhawk does what it says on the box but reliably. The recording time is about 12 hours, then over writes the oldest files.


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This looks an impressive bit of kit and appeals to me as could end any arguments quickly. For £199 I would think of it as an investment rather than a cost

Has anybody fitted one of these? Is it accepted as irrefutable evidence in a court case?



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I think that it is a reflection of the times we drive in, any photos or footage should be taken.


First thing to do is to take control, take photos, then swap details.


Photo the driver, occupants, car, drivers details. You can only learn from others that did not get that pedantic and have been ripped off by claims.


Very difficult to do at the time, but its needed unfortunately.


You only have to Google " Road claims insurance scams", and there are horror stories of claims being made on different cars, different number plates, number of passengers, damage caused, and things I would not even think of.


Rant over (Back to watching Police Interceptors)



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