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Water Marks


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When we changed our van to a Romahome Dimension I find that due to the steep slope of our drive and the angle the van sits at the water drips from the roof drip exactly in my line of vision on the windscreen this is a line of tear drop marks 6" long half in and half out of the wiper blade area if left a few days even the wipers and screen wash don't move them, even in daylight they do obscure vision.

I have a B & Q micro fibre window squeegee this on a short pole make light work of removing the makes its a habit I have had to get into cleaning the windscreen each time I use the van.


I have considered a screen cover or a concrete paving flag on the drive to alter the parking angle.



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pepe63 - 2012-02-08 9:57 AM


Ooh..that RainX stuff looks interesting..

..although I wonder how it behaves,after being scraped by dirty wipers,day in,day out... :-S



And a quote from the Rain-X website 'Tips and Info' section...


"How long does it last?

Rain-X is unaffected by normal screen washing. Abrasion by wiper blades and trapped grime will gradually reduce performance and durability. Depending on the amount of driving and how often the wiper blades are used, Rain-X can last from 2-3 weeks to several months before a new application is necessary".


I used to use a similar product and found it really good but in the end didn't find time to keep re-applying it so gave up :-(



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