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Campervan Breakdown on M25


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I was on the M25 to-day on way back from a delivery in Belgium westbound just a couple of miles before the M11 turning when I was held for a good 30 minutes, when I reached the head of the holdup it was what looked like a fairly new camper a bit like a Timberland large and silver. It appeared by the skid mark and the angle of the offside front wheel that the track rod or the steering arm had broke there was no sign of any impact just that the wheel was at right angles to the body , with a long wide skidmark the owners were on the hard shoulder talking to the highways bods and the camper was stuck in the 2nd lane. I bet it came as a bit of a shock at 50 + mph to have a front wheel and hub come adrift !! luckily it was not as bad an accident as it could have been if someone had rear ended them as they skidded to a halt.It was a X250 base vehicle but no idea which make.
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