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Site removes extra car charge


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I recently stayed at Long Hazel Park in Sparkford, Somerset. An open all year it wasn't very busy and I had a long discussion with the owner about sites and their fees etc. One matter I raised was the £3 charge for cars towed by motorhomes. I wasn't convinced of his reasons for the charge pointing that most motorhome owners would view a motorhome towing a car as similar to a car towing a caravan and therefore shouldn't be charged any different.


The following day as I was preparing to leave the owner told me he had thought about the matter and discussed it with his wife and told me they had removed the charge with immediate effect. Nice to find a site owner listening to his customers, and I don't even tow a car!


Unfortunately they still charge extra for over 30ft motorhomes, they can take up to 40ft RV's.


I have posted a full review of the site in the sites section but thought the above would receive more attention in Motorhome Matters.

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Good for you Camper 69. I also know of two other sites which have done the same, it is only common sense after all!


It is an old chestnut. Sometime ago there was a big debate on another forum about this and a list of sites that charged was drawn up by one member so we could boycott them. To this day I will not use such sites, it is easy to move on with a motorhome.



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