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Hi all

We were reading a few weeks ago of a couple touring I think 47 countries and you could look at their blog, which we found very interesting. I think you can guess the question??


Who posted it and what blog was it, unfortunately tried search but no results as may not have been 47 ! And not sure where it was posted..


Thanks in advance


Derek & Pauline

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Sorry not the one, these folks were already on the trip and you could follow there route with maps etc. They talked of all the places they had visited, and people they had met on route with pages and pages of photo's. Think every Friday they updated the blog..


Thanks for trying..


D & P

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1footinthegrave - 2012-02-10 10:58 AM


Yes, I want to go sand dune surfing now in the Sahara, if only my knee's would let me ! ! ;-)


Does look fun doesn't it, but with you on the knees!!


Reading their blogs, just realised they started the trip in September 2009, the info and videos are superb, especially for looking at places you may visit, but not The Sahara!!



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Caddies104 - 2012-02-10 10:23 AM

Have found it, posted by Mac a few weeks ago




They are now in Morocco......



And looking at their blog they met up with Sophie and Adam from Europe By Camper in Morocco :D


I thought I recognised the silver PVC in the background of one of their photos as it's S & A's latest 'van.



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Hi All


We finally caught up with the 'lobsters' as we've been calling them, in Morocco too - after reading their blog for about a year or so.


They, along with Adam and Sophie at EuropebyCamper, inspired us to pack in our jobs and travel Europe - then the pet passport rules changed and we ended up in Morocco.


It was great for us all to catch up, four couples, each with their own blogs who'd never met before all in a country none of them really planned to go to. The power of the internet!



OurTour.co.uk - A mid life European and Moroccan wander in a motorhome

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Thanks guys.


We're over five months in and still loving it.


We left Barcelona (a tick on my places I've always wanted to go) this morning as a general strike was kicking off. Now sitting in Lidl car park having stocked up, using wifi from MacDonalds drive through next door!


Heading North but no real plans, it's a great feeling.



OurTour.co.uk - A mid life European and Moroccan wander in a motorhome.

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