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Sat Nav upgrade


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Hi, I normally use my trusted TomTom but last year I bought a new sat nav from a company that sell them at all the major motorhome shows. Biggest waste of money I've had since getting the motorhome, first time out it kept switching off whilst still plugged in. It went back to be 'upgraded' and we used it for the second time earlier this month, got to within 2 miles of our destination and it suddenly decided to try to send us 37 miles back up the M1 ?????.

Anyway I've found this site http://www.hgvsolutions.com/buy_protour.htm so you can upgrade your own TomTom or Garmin to Motorhome/caravan to include Height, weight,length, width etc plus loads of other extras (sites etc). Has any one used this and if so how did it go?.

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