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driving license at 70


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hymer1942 - 2012-02-13 1:34 PM


Afternoon all, in May I am 70 and need the License for in excess of 3.5 tons, can some one please tell me do things happen automatically or do I have to apply, I am in Spain at the moment but would like to get things moving. Barrie



You should get a letter / reminder from DVLA about 3 months before your birthday, and you have to re-apply for your licence.

If you want to drive anything in excess of 3.5 tons you will have to have a medical.


Licence then has to be renewed every three years.



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My only advice to you is do not delay, as soon as you get your reminder, download the appropriate forms and get your medical booked, mine cost £92. The DVLA only send forms for renewal of the reduced driving categories. After your medical carefully check that all the questions have been answered by the doctor,then send off by recorded delivery and hope the DVLA get it back to you in time. Any quieries re fitness to drive will require further investigation by the DVLA and believe me the 3 months soon passes.


Good luck.

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