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Can someone please identify this van?


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Can someone tell me what the the red fronted van(pre-X250 Fiat)shown on the top left of this link is please?


http://www.dethleffsowners.co.uk/ (..although not sure if those images "alternate" or not...?)


We saw one similar at a dealers a while back(fixed rear bed,small "garage")and although a fair bit smaller than what we run at present,it struck me as having really good "proportions"...with minimal rear overhang and pretty good ground clearance(..unlike todays crop of vans..).


Unfortunately we can't recall the model name/number(..although I do recall it did have quite a lot of "sport" type graphics plastered all over it.



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The first Van is I think a Globebus which replaced the Dethleffs BUS in about 2005 or possibly earlier based on the earlier Ducato Chassis. Engine options 2.oltr 2.3 and possibly 2.8JTD.

We had a Dethleffs Bus II which we loved. It had an Alko Chassis. We traded it in mainly to get a better washroom.

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