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how do you view your list of posts?

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Guest pelmetman

Was it this one Dave?


Hi, I have been searching for a while now, to get the information on the subject on what type of oil is used in a Mercedes Benz om 616 2.4 diesel engine injection fuel pump.

The M B hand book tells you how to do it but does not state which oil is used ; Is it diesel engine oil or is it some other type of special oil?

I have looked at other M B fourms; their info.is good on how to top the pump up but no mention of the oil used.

Best Wishes, Dave.

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One point, you will have to select "Search all forums" & "All Posts" as well as "Author"

But it will bring up all the threads you have posted on.

Then look at the right hand side for your name, those are the threads you started.


Brings up




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