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remis blinds


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Hi, had a little accident with one blind in the van, split on the pleats


can only find remis marked on them 2005 hymer, pleated or concertina type, whichever you call them, the pleated bit comes up from the bottom and flyscreen downwards and clip together


this is a horizontal one on a side rear window, not cab i have had a few searches but not able to find much info, also do you know how they are measured?


i can see they have a limited life so are there any alternatives, like roller ones? curtains for this one are not practible as behind hob


has anyone tried gluing them back together?


i cant be the only one with this problem can i?


thanks snail

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The REMIS website is here




and, from your description, it sounds like you have an early version of the "REMIbase" blind. If that's the case, you might try contacting




There's a comment on the following link warning that "Remis Spares" may now be very difficult/impossible to obtain in the UK




These are 2005 details of the then UK Remis agent (but probably out of date now)


Mr Ian Fletcher

Brookfield- Easton Piercy

GB-SN146JU Chippenham-Wiltshire

Telephone: +44-1249-75 00 45

Fax: +44-1249-75 00 65

Mobil: +44-796-73 10 279


There are alternative designs of blind from Remis or Dometic/Seitz, though the most satisfactory (and probably cheapest) solution to your problem would be to replace the damaged pleated component of your present blind.


GOOGLE-search on "caravan window blind" (omitting the quotes) for options.


Can you glue the damaged part of your blind back together? Dunno without seeing the extent of the damage, but if it's just a horizontal split between two 'pleats', then gluing seems like a realistic approach to try. I'd use a contact adhesive like Evo-Stik and glue the damaged pleat to its neighbour all the way along its length, The result might not look pretty, but it should hold together OK.


I've seen lots of motorhomes with damaged pleated blinds. They are relatively fragile and it's overly optimistic to expect them to be survive indefinitely. 7 years without damage seems pretty good to me.

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Thanks Derek, i will follow up on your links/suggestions


Thanks Brian, i will be thinking about a repair if unable to get replacement


I am dreading the day the windscreen ones fail! although we do have silver screens


cheers both Snail (Brian)

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I can confirm that it is very difficult if not impossible to get Remis spares except for the very basic parts listed by accessory shops. From personal experience contacting them direct was a waste of time as they bluntly did not want to know. They confirmed my blind was still in production but nothing else. No information on suplliers or availabilty of parts or anything. I also tried the Unipart route but they only supply to the trade, not to retail customers. One agent did try to get the parts I wanted but Remis would only supply bulk quantities and then decided they did not want to do even that. Eventually gave up in disgust.


I also found that Remis supply to many makers but they supply unique sizes to these makers, which are not available outside, so if your maker has gone bust, as mine did, then you are up a gum tree. Also the only shade available in the UK is beige so if, like me, your blinds are grey, then tough luck. I eventually found a Seitz blind of the same size and colour and used that. It is also stronger made than Remis. I now have a redundant blind that only requires a small plastic part to fix, but unavailable.

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