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Who would you take out of this world if you could


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Guest Tracker

The directors and producers who newsreaders say things like - '200 jobs lost at xyz factory today - and now over to our reporter who is outside the xyz factory now.'


'Yes indeed', says the reporter, 'another 200 job losses have been announced at the xyz factory that I am standing outside of today'


As if we need to see a reporter outside the factory to know what has happened - all part of the dumbing down of the news and stretching it out so that they can save money and not confuse the illiterate masses by not covering too many topics in 30 minutes!

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TV and news editors who don't know the difference between ' news ' and speculation.


........... and whoever it is at the BBC who keeps booking helicopters, at our expense, to follow cars carrying MPs or royalty.


......... plus news readers who say it's been announced " in the last few minutes " when we've all heard it a couple of hours before.


........ and while we're at it - news editors who add up a gangs prison sentences to make it sound like a lot.


( and I haven't really started yet !)



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michele - 2012-02-21 9:44 PM


Cant stand Edwina shes such a oh cant think but I cant stand her . Nor can I stand for some strange reason not sure why Lovejoy forgot his name . Dont think much of Camilla either but then Charles is such a tit she deseves him .


Lovejoy - that's Ian Mcshane ... just for you Michele I've found you a picture of the old trout! :D


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Guest pelmetman
Tracker - 2012-02-22 3:59 PM


Could be YKK next and that would upset poor old Zippy!


I hope so...........its about time he got stitched up :D

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