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Sat reception in Spain


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last year astra launched the new sat 1N and on Feb 14 Transfered ITV and Channel 4 to that sat. My friends with smaller dishes ( 1.1m ) started to receive those channels more reliably ie no break up at night. I have a 1.2m dish.



Yesterday the Sat signal here at Conil de la frontera went off for a few seconds. After that time they then started to recieve all channels no problems.


So out of interest I reconnected my 85cm telco dish and I now can pick up all channels including the plus one channels.


I know that the 1n sat is a temp situation whist they launch new sats this year but I thought you would all like to know.



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derek500 - 2012-02-26 4:09 PM


johnnerontheroad - 2012-02-26 4:53 PM


My Oyster can't find 1N >:-( Think I must be doing something wrong.






The channels have changed satellites, but not frequencies. So set for Astra 2 should pick them up.


Tried that but no joy will try again after football (piped). Had trouble in UK before we left;


Thanks again



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