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EHIC & Fred.


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Ok I need help or explaining to seriously please.


If you break a leg whilst abroad you go to hospital what does your card entitle you to?.

What I am after is Fred as you may know suffers with the worst Epilepsy there is. If I take her to hospital it would be as a last resort as by then I have already administered all the drugs we have and we have some potent ones but after that its hospital wether we want to or not.


What i want to know is at what point would any treatment she has become chargable.

Would it only be charged if they kept her in

would it only be if they administered drugs.


Seems to me this EHIC card dont get you much .

To take fred abroad it cost us 800 for a two week block despite her being well for ages ? meaning no hospital admisions they still dont take that into consideration we are still charged high . 14 weeks a year school hols that a hell of alot of money to find just to go away .


Anyway any help gladly recieved .

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Hi Michele

This NHS website may give you some answers.



& if you scroll down there is a section regarding "Treatment Abroad" - "Entitlement"

"NHS patients are entitled, subject to certain conditions, to receive care in another EU country"


but the grey area is "subject to certain conditions", so it would be worthwhile asking Freddie's medical /health worker for some further clarity.

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From what we have seen over many years it varies from country to country and location to location. My wife needs regular treatment and in Spain the Card covered everything while In France she had to pay up front and was advised to claim it all back from the NHS. The costs for the same treatment also varied widely depending on the town.

It was usually offered on a 'take it or leave it' approach, so as she needed it, not a lot of choice.


My suggestion would be to try and get insurance cover, if that is possible for what you may require. It will be pricey but then you have confidence.

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Thanks guys , as it stands if we go away 14 times if I half it in two week slots thats 7 times 800 £5600 its rather alot when you consider that we could in effect have her home before we need a hospital . Thats no excue for no insurance and w ehave never left the counrty without it .

The whole family only cost 356 for the year but freds just kills us everytime. This is why I wondered what the EHIC gave us .


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