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Chausson shower screen fixing strap cure

Dr Dave

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If anyone has a Chausson Flash 04 and possibly others with the shower screen that is held whilst in transit by the push on button clips, and you are fed up of them being a devil to open when you want a shower 'broken nails and much chuntering' and conversely flying open whilst in transit allowing the screen to flap about. We have modified ours and now have none of the original issues if anyone wants details let me know.
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Hope this is of some use.

We got some polyester webbing a clip buckle a brass eyelet and a slightly longer tray bolt for the Knob a nut to suit and a couple of washers.


Firstly to cut the webbing when you know what length you need, use a pallet knife or a paper scraper heated up with a blowlamp to cut the webbing (using a piece of wood underneath) this melts the fibres and stops it fraying, also when you put the eyelet on the webbing for the knob end heat it up then it will melt a nice hole which wont fray before you finish the eyelet by applying the second half and riveting. the rest i think is self explanatory and i think it looks as good as the original it works and you can put it all back as it was if you ever need to.




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