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jupiter and venus

big olga

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Guest pelmetman
big olga - 2012-03-04 9:23 PM


Hi, trust a Matelot to think of that! [he he]




It was in their stars Dave ;-)

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Venus! - pah!! - as useless to me as a one legged woman in an assteroid kicking contest.


I've spent my whole life trying to unlock the mysteries of the universe, but I keep coming back to Uranus.


But incidently - did anyone see this?


I would have loved to




Shame I missed it

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Very true, David, my local 'viewpoint' is Cley Hill, just opposite the entrance to Lord Bath's Longleat house & Center Parcs -- the same 'touch the sky' feeling, on top of the 'tump'




P.S. Even in Wiltshire there is still too much 'light pollution' from street lighting and by-passes/motorways etc.!



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