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towing car on a trailer


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Hi has anyone out there towing a small car on a trailer with a motorhome,i am trying to find out about the tollsand cost,our car and caravan was a class 2,but now with a M/H towing a trailer i can not find out the class M/H 24ft 8inch weight 3500kg and height9ft think i am still class 2,but with a trailer and car does that take me into class 3 because of size and weight,or class 4 because of another axle although a caravan doesn`t,but the M/H and trailer would be around 38ft!!!!!!!!!! :-(
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Assuming you are thinking about French autoroute tolls, then (as Watsoa has advised) your motorhome + car-on-trailer should fall into the Category 2 class.


Information on French autoroutes (including toll charges) is available on:




The criteria for vehicle categorisation are shown on:




Your motorhome has a Gross Vehicle Weight not exceeding 3500kg and its overall height (and, presumably, the height above the ground of the top of the car when it is on the trailer) is less than 3 metres. In view of the 24' 8" length you've quoted, it's likely that your motorhome has only two axles - if it had more than two axles then Category 4 would be appropriate.


The number of axles of whatever is being towed (eg. trailer, caravan, car on A-frame) evidently does not affect the Category, nor does the combined length of the towing vehicle and what it is towing.

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