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Hi; it's me again;

I have too much time on my hands, so time to sort out a few irritants.


We have a Heki-1 I think, 900 X 600 ish rooflight, with insect screen and blind.

It's very good. Trouble is that it's centred over our bed, and when I'm lying there thinking about getting out of bed, I notice that the blinds are skewed.

When retracted, both of them leave a small triangle of mesh /blind exposed; they don't retract fully.

Can anyone help.


It looks a tricky job to remove the inner frame for access, but I'd like to do it myself if possible.


Going to "see the Queen" and The Peak District next week, so looking forward to getting out in van, (it's not been without its problems!! I may elaborate later).



alan b

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