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Replacing exterior trim round windows


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Sorry still does not help. The later vans have cassette type windows and frane is held in my screws through the inner frame which hold the outer in place. If you have an old vehicle then what you have may indeed be more like the old caravan style windows screwed from outside and a plastic trim sits in a channel covering the screws. To remove you poke up the end where it joins and pull in all out. To replace you get special tools, but can be done with improvising using an old credit card or similar.

Easiest way is to warm the trim ( it it is the type I think it is) and squeeze the sides together to make more of a C shape and hence narrower, you place one edge in slot and use plastic card to push other edge in and work your way around frame. Do not stretch the trim as you go, every foot pushing the trim back towards start so it compresses slightly. This stops it shrinking and opening up a gap where ends join or finish. There is a knack and once you get it you can insert the trip very quickly.


If this is not the trim you have, then do post make of window or a pic, or indeed a link to a picture of what you have.



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Hi Mike & welcome to the forum

I'm not familiar with the Autostar vans, but is it similar to either of these ? (scroll down for larger photo)






Which (I think) will be either

Reimo windows



or Seitz windows

try http://www.leisurespares.co.uk/stock/Seitz/windows/#


there are exploded view diagrams showing the spares on this site.


Please look for the AG??????????? number bonded between the the 2 panes in the top RH corner of the window viewed from the outside of the vehicle."






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Thanks very much your help was just what I needed, I will have a go at fitting new trim with my credit card, I have just returned to Uk after living for 9 years in France and whilst there I purchased my 1992 Autostar 480 Campervan, Although quite old I am very pleased with it and looking forward to touring in it.( I only purchased it in January 2012. Is their a generic handbook that I can purchase which will give me information on practical things to do including safety checks (not with the motor) before I take it on the road. The Autostar is 6.5 metres long and is built on a Renault Trafic long wheel base, Would the Tyre pressures be the same as a regular van, as you probably guess I'm quite new to this
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A good book is The Motorcaravan Manual by John Wickersham which you can get on Amazon for £13.83 and many other sources such as caravan accessory shops. have not checked prices elsewhere. Its a fairly good guide although dated a bit, but should be fine to give you an insight to the sort of things needing maintained. Also these forums are a good place for any info as many are ectremey helpful and knowledgeable - just ask any questions.....and welcome to the world of Motohoming.


Tyres. Pressures ..yes and no. If yoru van is not overly heavy with equipment you should get away with the recommended pressures for a laden van. What really is the only good advice to be given is to go and get the van weighed on a weighbridge so you get the weight of both front and rear axles seperately. Then you can work out the pressures from the index factors of the tyres. Probably best to just contact ture manufacturer and ask them. Without knowing weights its all a bit of stab in the dark and best to get correct. as having to low is dagerous and having too high gives a bumpy ride. So you need weight of each axle (not each wheel, but the air at front and pair at rear) when you are loaded up as you woudl for travelling, and the tyre make/size/type.


Re trim, you will have to experiment with technique, but once you get the knack it is easy but does take a bit of time...strong fingers help to squeeze the trim, so best it is warm. I have a plastic orange skin peeler which works extremely well to guide the trim into the grooves. A screwdriver blade works as well but risks scrathing something if you slip and not realy ideal against aluminium. Good luck.








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Regarding "The Motorcaravan Manual by John Wickersham "

Can I suggest that the 1st Edition would be the most suitable for your Van, if you can find a copy.

The 2nd Edition was issued in 2004, so will cover some equipment subsequent to your Van's build date.

The latest 3rd edition (February 2012) will be even less relevant.

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