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Talk about shooting yourself in the foot


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Nike released “The Black and Tan". two new beer-themed skateboarding shoes to coincide with St Patrick’s Day - the Guinness, featuring a black leather upper and tan elements, and a variation of a Nike shoe that was called The Black and Tan because of its colouring.


Sports wear company Nike has apologised for a controversy that arose over the name of its new runner - "The Black and Tan".


Nike said the shoe “has been unofficially named by some using a phrase that can be viewed as inappropriate and insensitive. We apologise. No offence was intended.”

For Irish people, however, the name recalls the British paramilitary unit that was involved in violent action against civilians in the 1920s.


“When launched, it is likely to be available in several countries albeit in limited numbers. It won't be on sale in Ireland as we hadn't planned to distribute it in Ireland,” a spokesperson for Nike said.


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