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Electrolux fridge spare question again but very nessassary


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:-S At some time this summer i should take my campingcar to its garage :'(


Earlier this year i looked for parts,found the wrong bits and almost set my campingvan alight 8-)


At the moment i have the use of a very large fridge with freezer compartment which works perfectly,for that reason i didnt think any more about my fridge and time is running out :'(


I have asked google if it can suggest a supplier of spares for Electrolux in France but found nothing


Perhaps in this forum there might be someone that knows how to speak to google and get a useful answer,i hope :-S *-)


I did find new fridges and went along to look.unfortunately either i had order and pay for delivery end April(would have been 4 month delay)


The alternative were fridges in stock which were such poor quality i would prefer to do without *-)


My fridge a 60 liter RM 4210 works perfectly with 240v (12v not at all ) I would like tobuy the correct burner and jet :-S Please please could anyone suggest a supplier hear in France *-)



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Dometic S.N.C.

Toutes les informations

Adresse postale

Z.A du Pré de la Dame Jeanne B.P 5

FR-60128 Plailly

Plailly :'(


There dont seem to be many parts suppliers :-S


:-( Pouring hear with my feet hurting overloaded with tourist info i had to run the last 500 meters to the tourist office wi fi :-D


Im sure i found a supplier in the UK(someone hear provided a link last time)i save the page & im sure the jet alone was 5 Pounds the jet 45 pounds.now the jet alone seems to be 45 pounds?


Thanks for the links ill contact the suppliers 8-)

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