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Peterborough Tickets


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  • 2 weeks later...

Her indoors is involved in the local Operatic society.[Make up Artist] .so she can not go??The dates //are a problem??

After 51 years of marriage..a difference?? of opinion? I tremble.

She says I can go on my own...!!!..good god..freedom??

I am now looking for an unattached..[very young female..blonde 19-25] who has a free weekend?

And doesn't mind "sharing" with a Septuagenarian[??old bu***r over 70!]

Tried M*******e fun..no joy..tried elsewhere

My "Boss" says I am over optimistic..should be looking in the oldies columns of Saga magazine?For a nice girl[?] over 75??

Do I go with a "young" one..or an over 75??


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