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Which Type of Valeo Clutch is this please?


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I know that there are one or two members here who are either in the Motor vehicle trade, or maybe have access to trade contacts.

We have a motorhome based on a 1992 Peugeot 2.5TD van (That's the same as the Talbot Express, and Citroen C25)


I've been told that there are ordinary “Original Equipment” spec replacement clutches available for this vehicle, and also “heavy duty”, stronger versions.


I'm urgently trying to establish whether a particular replacement clutch is a heavy duty spec one, or is simply the original equipment spec version.

It is a Valeo replacement clutch, part number 826371.


Does anyone have access to Valeo technical info, or contacts with someone who could look up the specs and find out which type this part number is please?


I'd really appreciate any help on this chaps!


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the Valeo catalogue is available online




.....and click the button in the top RH corner for a pop-up.


It pulls your part number up as valid for your vehicle, but doesn't give much more info (other than it supersedes a previous part).


If I reverse the search and do it by vehicle type, I can only get your part number, and not an alternative.


So, unless there is other info on there that is useful to you, it may not help.


(It is possible to get a page mapping this part back to the OEM numbers, but unless you know which OEM numbers were potentially heavy duty, that's probably no help).


Anyway, you may have more background info than you posted, so worth a play?

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