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Rapido travelling heater fuse


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Hi Guys'n'gals, Does anybody know where the fuse is for the travelling heater in a

rapido (its the one for heating the back), We have a 7099f 2006 (the last of the old

model) and the handbook is'nt very helpful :-(

There must be somebody out there with the brains that I have'nt got ! ! !

(lol) (lol) (lol)

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.....not a great help, I know, but the rear heater on my Rapido 'A' class of a similar vintage didn't work from scratch (only found out on my first run).


AFAIR (and I'm pretty sure I do) it was also controlled by a relay (which, on the 'A' class was hidden behind the front footwell kick panel, and was only found by good luck and trying to follow the wiring - it was completely out of its socket! - reseating it fixed the problem).


If it does have the same arrangement, then you may need to check for a fuse AND/OR a relay issue - though, with a standard cab, the relay is unlikely to be where I found mine.

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