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Greece Satellite Update - Turkey Van Damage

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Got satellite repaired in Athens. After messing about for over 2 hours, not sure he knew what he was doing as he even called Germany, he finally took my suggestion changed the LNB and hey presto everything works. Cost including new Humax LNB was 80 euros and I have no idea if this was good value and please don´t tell me if it wasn´t.

Currently in an internet cafe in southern Turkey trying to arrange repair to side window as some yob through a brick through it while we were having a stroll along the beach. No attempt at breaking in or trying to steal anything but it´s a nightmare trying to get a piece of glass. Since the incident everyone has been so kiind and helpful and seem embarrassed about what has happened in their country. Hopefully we get glass tomorrow and we can continue. Waiting on Carthago confirming they have one and can carry out repair.



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