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help needed electrical issue


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. I am useless at electrical things so help is needed, the skylight an on my hymer B544 as no power and is not working, its a 2000 plate fiat based model. I have looked at the fuses on the hymer box near the passage seat and all looks ok, i have looked at the fuses in the front clove box and they are ok, can anyone please let me know if there is another fuse box, or what else to check. thanks, michael


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I can't help with your fuse-box-location inquiry, but (assuming you are in the UK) you might try contacting Hambilton Engineering who have expert knowledge of older Hymers.




You are certain that there is no electrical power at the skylight itself? While it's quite likely that your problem is down to a simple fuse failure, it could be due to, say, a faulty operating switch or a faulty electric motor.


You ought really to check each fuse for continuity rather than just visually. Also, it may be worth removing each fuse from its fuse-box 'slot' and then pushing it back firmly into the slot, just in case there's currently a poor connection. Clutching at straws, but you might get lucky...


Presumably this issue has suddenly shown up - one day the skylight was functioning perfectly and the next day not - and there was no warning of an impending problem?

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