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Bordeaux parking


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If you intend to visit the city of Bordeaux this summer you may be interested in our experience

We visited Bordeaux recently but it was very difficult to get parked. We drove through the town and found no suitable place except perhaps on the other side of the river from the centre. We didn't like the look of this area as it was semi derelict and decided to go to the "Park and Ride" for the tram.

We followed several signs or park and ride and each time arrived at a parking garage with height barriers. We finally followed tram lines to a small Centre Commercial next to a tram stop and parked there.

We asked at the tourist office where we could park our Camping car and were told it was not possible only at campsite which was the other side of the motorway and outwith the tram network

Margaret and David

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There is an aire for CC in Bordeaux near the monument at:


Allée de Bristol

Place des Quinconces



Is this the one you tried and didn't like the look of? It is under trees/wooded area with plenty of shade. We are heading down there in June and in the past have used this one-there is a tram stop quite close too. It was a bit pricey if I remember correctly

Can you tell us if things have changed and we will maybe give it a miss and go in on the bike



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