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Microsoft Autoroute 2011


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Are there any Microsoft Autoroute 2011 afficionados out there?


I have made 3 different Pushpin lists in Excel which describe 3 separate days between Calais & Monaco, which I have loaded separately into Autoroute & made them “Routes”

This works fine.

I then decided to try all three pushpin sets to the same Autoroute file - again no problem.

One set is designated as a route for day 1, then I added the Day 2 pushpin set and the route goes haywire - the day2 pushpins are all in the reverse order!

The same happens if I add Day3 pushpins to the route!


Where am I going wrong?

(I can get out of it by re-ordering the stops, but why does it put them in reverse order?)


Any help will be appreciated


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Guest 1footinthegrave

It's computer software, what do you expect LOL, I'm slowly coming round to the idea that paper maps, and a note book and pen, will never "crash", will always be there, won't send me up the wrong road ( satnav ) and I do have Autoroute 2007, God knows why.


On a positive note you could always use the web, Viamichelin is excellent giving many options not available in Autoroute like avoiding toll routes etc, and you can print the route out, why bother with all that pushpin malarky in Autoroute




P.S, this makes amusing reading, although not my personal experience, but illustrates the point perfectly, long live paper.


After purchasing the download version of Autoroute 2011, I was keen to install it as I have been using older version for quite a few years, ending with Autoroute 2010. At first things seemed to go well, I downloaded the files from Microsoft Store (Not Amazon)having downloaded the 3 files I started the installation routine, all files were extracted ok, Microsoft Access 2010 Engine was installed (Not sure why as I have Office Pro 2010 already on)Then came Dot Net 4 or whatever, then the routine stops in its tracks with the meassage "One of the prerequisite componants failed to install, Setup will now exit" You click ok and thats the end of that. I tried various things, no way was it going to install. After quite a few attempts, phone calls, emails, chats to Micro$oft tech support, nothing was fixed. Then I started searching the internet, it comes about that there is a well know problem with Autoroute 2011 and its incompatibilty with Windows 7 Pro SP1, though by all accounts, it does not affect all computers, results are varied, but the problem is widely known. It affected both my machines !!

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Thanks for the replies so far.


I have no problems using it ... it was simply this anomaly that puzzled me.

I can easily create an excel file with all the points in or simply re-order the points manually, but the programme should not reverse the order & I wondered why!


I use Google maps & Viamichelin but cant use these when I'm on the move as I have no internet connection. So I put the route in Autoroute, including co-ordinates which can then be fed into the satnav - an old Garmin 200 with full European mapping. I always have paper maps as well - so all in all, I'm tooled up!


Next thing to work out is how the co-pilot is going to read the screen on the laptop in the sunshinein the passenger seat.... I've suggested a paper bag over the head, but that didn't go down too well....?

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