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Insuring car on trailer.


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Hi Folks. A Newbie here. After a bad start i will try again. We are about to take delivery of a new and first motorhome. Intend to tow our car on a trailer. Current car insurer will not insure car while being towed. Need some advice to save trawling through loads of insurance companies. Was thinking that m/home insurer might cover car and trailer all on one policy. If anyone has been there I would appreciate some advice.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Welcome to the mad house *-)


From memory, there are one or two companies that do cover cars being trailered. Axia was one I think, but you have to ring up and ask for a WRITTEN quote.


Generally (also from memory) trailers have to be insured seperately and are quite expensive about £90 pa for a small trailer, value $3500 ish.


If you search previous threads (top row middle of the welcome box) you will find some answers (applicable at the dates posted)






Found a couple above, happy searching !



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This is my first year trailing a car(iQ3) on A Brian James Micro Max trailer. My mhome insurer insured the trailer (empty) and the motorcar insurer(Adelaide) insured the veh on the trailer. The best advice is to seek written confirmation that the insurer will cover the veh on the trailer.

BTW the mhome insurer did not charge extra for the trailer!

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