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New tyres needed shortly


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Hi there, don`t rush into anything just make sure you have the size, speed rating and load with you and make sure they have a commercial code and a good tread pattern that way you get better grip on grass. Try having a look at :




you will be surprised at the choice and you will probably save a fortune than going direct to a tyre dealer.


Good luck.

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....if your question marks are specifically about the "Agilis", the original Michelin XC "Camping" tyre has been discontinued, and replaced in the current range by the "Agilis Camping" branded tyre.


It is unlikely you will find anyone with stocks of the XC Camping tyre, and even if you do, they are likely to have been on the shelf for some time, so probably worth avoiding.

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carebear - 2012-04-10 10:49 PM


Will be needing 2 front tyres soon any suggestions.

Got michelins Camping xc, i think at the moment.

Looked up michelins and Agilis are listed ?????????


As has already been advised, the "XC Camping" pattern is no longer produced, being superseded about 6 years ago in Michelin's tyre range by "Agilis Camping"


Agilis Camping - like its XC Camping predecessor - is a specialised 'camping-car' tyre (ie. a tyre specifically aimed at the motorhome market). Equivalent camping-car tyres produced by other manufacturers are Continental's "VancoCamper" and Pirelli's "Chrono Camper".


I note from your profile that you've been a forum member since 2006, so I'm sure you know that questions about suitable replacement tyres for motorhomes are regularly asked. Here are just three of the many earlier forum threads:








In your case, as you will no longer be able to purchase XC Camping, you will need to decide whether you opt for camping-car tyres as replacements (not cheap and often in short supply) or common-or-garden light-commercial-vehicle tyres (eg. the standard Michelin "Agilis") that will be less expensive, usually more easily available, but lack the specialised benefits claimed for camping-car tyres.


As your Auto-Trail Chiftain is a 2005 model and you are planning to replace the front tyres, it's possible that your motorhome's rear tyres are the originals and would, consequently, be 7 years old. This is the maximum age-limit often recommended for tyre replacement, irrespective of how much tread-wear a tyre has.


It is also strongly recommended that, when a pair of new tyres is fitted to a vehicle, those tyres are best fitted to the rear axle. However, I believe your motorhome has a tandem rear-axle configuration and this complicates matters. If all of your motorhome's tyres are 2005 vintage, then the optimum solution would be to replace the lot now. However, if that's an unacceptable option, then it's probably better to have new tyres on the front (where grip will be particularly important with such a large vehicle) and ignore received wisdom.


If you do decide to replace just the front pair of tyres, then I suggest you limit your choice to Continental's VancoCamper or Michelin's Agilis Camping. I assume the size you'll need is 215/75 R16 and both the Continental and Michelin patterns in that size should be obtainable for around £150 each. The Continental tyre has a 'marked' higher maximum load-carrying capacity than the Michelin, but the Michelin tyre is Mud+Snow marked so should provide superior grip on poor surfaces (perhaps!)


As Wooie says, once you move away from 'camping-car' tyres there are plenty of alternatives. For example:




but (other than on a price-for-price basis) it's not easy to compare one tyre directly with another in terms of performance. If you are generally unfamiliar with tyres, then replacing camping-car tyres with camping-tyres is the simplest and least controversial option.


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Tomorrow I'm having four Continental Vanco Camper tyres fitted at my local National Tyre Service depot.


I didn't buy them from National but Tyre Shopper, National are their fitting agents.


The tyres, size 225/65/16 cost £553 for the four working out to £138 each, considerably less than elsewhere including National themselves. That's the total cost - tyres, fitting, balancing, valves and VAT.


My van and existing tyres (Michelin Agilis, not the camping version) are five years old with 2 - 4mm of tread left. But one tyre is damaged with the canvas showing. I was going to replace them with standard Continentals but the Camper version is about an extra £100 (for the four) so I opted to fit them, not for the claimed extra load carrying ability (my van is a LWB panel van conversion with just myself aboard) but claimed strength and grip on rough ground and grass.

It will be interesting to see how they compare.





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Keithl - 2012-04-11 9:07 AM


Hi Ceri,


If you subscribe to MMM then try logging into the members offers area Link and look for the offer from Kwik Fit Mobile, 30% off Premium tyres!




Is that on top of any other offer becuase Kwikfit are currenlty offering 50% discounts on many tyres.

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I have the new Michelin Agilis fitted to my tag axle van. They are M & S rated and are far superior to the previous XC range which were pathetic for grip on wet grass, never mind soft ground.


One thing I would point out is that tag axle vans run very close to the max. axle weight on the front axle. At the max. weight the Michelin tyres are close to their rated load limit.


I had no spare tyre so I bought a Mohawk tyre which has a higher load rating than any other camping car tyre. Someone I know with a similar van has recently had a set of 4 fitted to his van and is very happy with them. They do not give off a lot of road noise and have a very good tread pattern. Their cost is a lot less than Michelin and Conti tyres. Given that motorhome tyres die of old age rather than wear, I would consider fitting these.


My other tip is ...... never overlook your local small independant tyre shop. They can often supply tyres when the big lads cannot and their prices are often surprisingly good.


Finally ....... The big outfits do not supply the high pressure tyre valves needed for motorhomes. You can buy them online yourself if you need to. Do NOT let the garage fit ordinary car type valves. They are not made for the higher pressures needed in motorhome tyres.

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Thank you all so much for your replies and info, very much appreciated.

Today i have had prices for a few makes as listed below

Michelin £160 each

Continental £151

And a Marshall which was reccomended to be very good tyre at £105 each.


Hi Derek

Where did you find my vehicle is a 2005 chieftain i cant find it in my profile

So sorry not updated my details, my van is not a 2005 model we have changed to a 2008 model.

We have had many vans, but have always escaped the expenditure of ever buying tyres till now.

Thank you all. Now to choose which tyre.


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