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Chausson Welcome 27


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Hi all, a friend a work doesn't have a motorhome but has wanted one for ages has the chance of a the above vehicle on an 04 plate. He can buy it from a relative and so could well be a few thousand cheaper that dealer forecourt. It is on a Ford Transit base.

He asked for my opinion. I went through the , what would you use it for and the size/layout specifications. I told him as far as i was aware Chausson is a good quality manufacturer and the Ford Transit is a reliable base vehicle. I told him that perhaps it was worth investing in a reliable motorhome tester to examine the vehicle first. Ive also pointed him in the direction of MMM and the test report. Does anyone have any experience of this model good and bad points please.

Thanks for your help

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Well we're more than happy with our Chausson.

We did originally look at a twin wheeled Ford,overcab model(rear lounge/front dinette),of a similar age to the one your friend is considering(..which I would've probably gone for to be honest)but the OH saw(and fell for)our current van.. ;-)

One thing I do recall noticing and that was that the "older"('04-'05ish)model we looked at,had a lot less body roll when just stepping in and out,than the(then current)models they had in stock....


I did crawl underneath,thinking it make've had air assistors but it "looked" original(...although I suppose it make've had uprated leaves(leafs? :-S )


If your friend "knows" the van(and his relative isn't just an ebay trader! (lol) ) and it's what he wants and it all checks out(hab/damp check,payload etc)...AND the price is right!..then I'd tell him to go for it... ;-)


There's this to compare price/condition with:



Edit:Just looking at that link again...and if we lived closer,I may've been taking a look at that..it's a fair bit of,versatile, van for the money.

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Thanks pepe63, I've e-mailed the link, i think he can buy for about a grand cheaper than that. and it is a family member who retired decided they wanted to travel, bought the van, sold the house *-) and 6 months later decided it wasn't for them (!)
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