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kids sleeping bags


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as a family we are preparing for camping this summer , our children, sebastian & maisie are aged 1 & 2, i have opted for the gelert junior pods, i have read the reviews and they seem the shortest and best on the market with room to move etc,


what i wanted advice about was, that because the wee ones are so small whats the best way to shorten the bag?




frank x

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I assume by 'shortening' you mean temporarily so they can be extended as they grow.


Just 'brainstorming' now, but what about a dowel (or plastic tubing) baton around 2.5cm (give or take) diameter and the width of the bag's widest point. and on each end of the baton attach some 'hook' Velcro (not the self-stick stuff so you'll need to glue it) leaving around 6 inches sticking out at each end. Then on the sleeping bags take 2 strips of the 'fluffy' Velcro around 40/50cm long and attach it to the underneath of the bag running from bottom upwards along the side edges (this could be the self-stick type or sewn on).


On the centre of the baton glue another piece of 'hook' Velcro and sew a piece of 'fluffy' Velcro on the top of the foot end of the bag to line up with it and attach the baton to the bag. Roll the bag up over the baton as if you were making a giant sausage roll, once you have it the length you want, use the 'hook' Velcro on each end of the baton to secure the 'roll' to the 'fluffy' Velcro under the bag. This should keep the 'roll' in place and can be easily removed to wash it etc. You need the baton piece otherwise the bag would simply squish around and become unrolled if you tried just to use Velcro on its own. As the kiddy grows you can reduce the size of the roll and therefore increase the length of the bag (hence why you put such long strips of 'fluffy' velcro on the bag to allow for this).

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