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Kogan 16" 12 Volt TV Consumption Figures

Dr Dave

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We purchased a Kogan 16 inch 12 volt Tv Dvd combi unit and are delighted with it, However in the online spec's only quote a consumption figure of <40 watt which when calculated equates to 3.3 Amps ish. as it is a full LED i did not think this would represent the true consumption on 12 Volts. So after having done some tests here are the results for anybody that is interested.

Using Freeview with the volume set to 50% the consumption is 1.3 Amps

Using the built in Dvd player volume set to 50% the consumption is 1.65 Amps

The standby consumption is 17 M/A

The terminal voltage at the Tv input socket for all the above tests was 13.4 Volts.

So all in all for £89 delivered i can recommend it. 

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Thats pretty good, as on small tv's the display becomes less a factor, and the power consumed by tuner becomes more relevant, the standby figure is very good. With our tv as plug is right by remote storage tend to pull the plug.
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