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FSA warning re Fraudster Activity - target list found


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This just in from one of the pinks:-



"FSA sounds warning to 75,000 after recovering fraudsters' hitlist


by Daniel Grote on Apr 24, 2012 at 10:32



The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has contacted more than 75,000 people to warn them they are being targeted by fraudsters.


Their names appeared on lists recovered from companies the regulator said it believed were fraudulently selling investments in land or worthless, sometimes non-existent, shares.


FSA head of unauthorised business Jonathan Phelan (pictured) said: 'These lists are nothing more than fraudsters' phone books and the people that use them are ruthless, calculated and will stop at nothing to steal your money.'


The FSA action represents the largest single campaign it has mounted to contact potential fraud victims. A number of high street banks have also provided contact numbers for their customers as part of the drive, called Operation Bexley."



Whilst I applaud and support the FSA's actions here - I had to laugh at (and agree with) one of the comments after the article appeared:-


"At last the FSA is doing something to protect consumers"


Sadly this comment reflects the truth rather too well. :-S


Anyway - Please be aware that cold calling is banned and therefore no regulated adviser would do it - so any approach via telephone etc. will be a scam.


Be warned please!

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For some reason I seem to be on such a list and am always getting calls to invest in this and that including the classic fine wine one.


I've never fallen for any of them and I tell them all that we've not got two brass farthings to our name, but the calls keep coming!

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