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state pension

eric hobson

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Guest pelmetman
plumbersvan - 2012-05-11 1:15 PM


8-) Im English British lived in the UK since before 1066 family abolished by the Labor


Aaaah that explains it :-S.......................Your english is pre Norman the invader ;-)

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Guest Tracker
plumbersvan - 2012-05-11 1:15 Pm


Its been my intention for some time to look into benefits and health :-| There are always other things to do :-| 38 years to go for pension 8-)



In which case state retirement age will be a lot older than 65 by the time you get there - probably about 70 at a guess!


But at least you know and you have more than 38 years to make your own provision for a pension so when it does arrive there will be no nasty shocks for you.


The sooner you start the less it will cost you!

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You say you have got 38 years to go before picking up a pension that is a lifetime away, you might not even live that long? and if you take out a private pension the government will probably figure out a way to deprive you of it.

Hide your money away, pay off all your debts and mortgage and live within your means and never let the left hand know what the right does and tell your wife nowt and never let your kids know that you have a bankroll tucked away.

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