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my wife thinks I need a tablet


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I suffered another birthday recently and Cosmopolitan Girl, aided and abetted by my son, decided that my old clockwork laptop is well past it's sellby date and needs replacement. She was explaining all this to one of her chums, telling her that she was thinking of getting me one of those tablets for my birthday but she didn't know which one to get, and her friend helpfully suggested Viagra. All I actually got was an ASAS eeepad, which seems to work well, buts it's not the same.


Anyway, the reason for this note is to ask for help. When I use my laptop all I have to do is click on favourites, click on Out and About, type in "a" and it remembers all the nonsense and lo and behold I'm logged on. When I tried to set it up on my new tablet I am informed that I am putting in either the wrong user name or password. I tried using the "forgotten my password routine" and it turns out that I don't know the name of Archie the ginger tom cat, my date of birth, my postcode, or anything else that might enable me to log on.


I wouldn't bother, but for all that you're a sad bunch of misfits, I have become fond of you all, and this is far and away the best forum in town for those of us with a wandering disposition. I find it really hard to believe how awfull the various caravan forums are, on the rare occasions that anyone bothers to put anything on them.


So, can anyone help me out, how do I find out what I said all that long time ago so that I can set up this forum on my tablet.

Many thanks


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Guest pelmetman
Archiesgrandad - 2012-04-28 6:33 PM

All I actually got was an ASAS eeepad,


I thought they were for incontinence :D

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Do you keep all your old emails? if you do go back to 23 september 2008 - the date you registered and there should be an email with your account information - that's always assuming you can remember your email password.


The only other alternative is to get her to take the ASUS back and exchange it for viagra - then you wouldn't care about logging in on here for a while

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