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Walking in Austria

Geoff Beasley

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Hi we are heading to Austria via Germany this coming weekend and have about a week or so free before meeting friends near Lake Nuesidel on the 20th. Could anyone recommend anywhere to go walking please, nothing to strenuous and straight from the camp site if possible. Not sure what the snow situation is at this time of year or wether any ski lifts etc. will be open.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Geoff & Yvonne.

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Hi Geoff

I'm not familiar with the area south of Vienna.

I would suggest anywhere in the Tyrol or Voralberg (Western Austria) Salzkamergutt (Upper Austria) or Carinthia (South) would be suitable. The walks in Austria are generally well signposted giving both times & distances. There are also many which follow the valley at floor level. The local Tourist Information offices usually have a few walks to offer or even organised (sometimes free with Visitor Card which can be obtained at Campsites)

Almost all the ski resorts will now be operating their Ski-lift summer timetable. Glacier lifts will still be operating Ski season tariffs, but you will still be able to purchase single trip tickets.


Difficult to suggest a specific place not knowing your capabilities / preferances.

This site should give you some ideas:-



For some ideas this blog may be useful.


Or some specific walks here:-



Where ever you decide I'm sure you will find some walks at what level you want.

Lucky B*****, any room in the boot for a little un. ;-)

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