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Towing with A frame


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Yes towing with A frame yet again.


I am in Spain and a friend has just arrived on site towing with a A frame.

I asked him if he had experienced any trouble with the police when towing with his A frame and he has been stopped twice and the officers were already writing out the summons when he produces some paperwork, they reach for their telephones and after a short conversation tell him he can go.


I asked him for his paperwork and have it here


Paper No 1


Court paper Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Traffic Headquarters


Avgd. Jaume 1. 41 Dismissal of Fine


Date of issue 22 November 1996 Time 16.20 Notice number 17-004-357.773-0


Regulation Infringed

Article 130.5 Fine 15.000 pesetas


Event for which notice issued

Towing a broken down vehicle with another vehicle not intended for this purpose. A motorcaravan towing a private car


This notice of dismissal of fine goes on to give the persons details etc but at the end adds


Ref : section 4 - dismissal of fine notice


When useing a towing frame the towed car is converted to a trailer


It carries the registration of the towing vehicle, its lights are operated by the towing vehicle, the same as a caravan or boat trailer



My friend says that up to 750 Kg the towed vehicle does not have to be braked.


There is also a three page letter from our own DOT supporting this and another paper also supporting this.


I will attempt to scan these papers in full and put them on here tomorrow but it is now pretty clear that if anyone being stopped for towing on an A frame who had copies of these papers will be allowed to continue on their journey


Happy Holidays everyone

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Syd - 2012-05-01 2:43 PM


My friend says that up to 750 Kg the towed vehicle does not have to be braked.



This is an offence in UK and I would guess any other country, if the 'trailer' is fitted with brakes they are required to work, so sounds like a load of bulls**t.

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Guest peter
Quite correct Colin. However if the car is fixed to an A frame the brakes should be working, as it's part of the standard package. so not bullsh*t if the brakes were connected.
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Syd - that letter from 1996 has been swilling around the internet ever since. I've seen it a few times now.


What it's referring to is that some Brit got pulled and fined way back then for A-frame towing; but then sent a load of Brit paperwork off to the local town police chief with an appeal, and the local town police chief let him off the fine.


The town Police Chief was wrong under Spanish law to to so.

The general view here is that he just got bamboozled by the Brit quoting page after page of what he wanted the Copper to believe about possible UK legal interpretation under UK laws.......I suspect the Police chap just wanted a quiet life in his office and town, so signed off "Appeal Upheld" to get the paperwork off his desk.


That incident IS NOT LEGAL PRECEDENT; and was the wrong application of Spanish law.

All that happened in reality is that one Brit got off the fine that he should have paid, by confusing one local desk copper with lots of English language notes and memos etc, in one Spanish town.

It happens.


If anyone else can actually convince a Spanish Police Officer of the validity on Spanish roads of all the British "A-framing might be legal in the UK" notes and memos and opinions, now some 16 years later; and can convince then that such stuff trumps Spanish national law, then good for them.


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Woops file too large will try again in a few moments


Cannot get the file to reduce, the friend here is adamnat that he has used the docs twice this year and everytime the police have made a telephone call and after a short while have sent him on his way

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