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Faculty X wireless antenna


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Hi all


I purchased a 12dBi Faculty X antenna and can I get it to work can I hell it is so complicated.

I am not a computer buff and I managed to cut off my wireless on my base computer so that my laptop would not work I had to deleat the installed program from my base computer and then restore to a previous date before I could get my wireless to work.


Has anybody installed one of these and are able to tell me step by step how to install it on my computer either on a post or on a PM.

One other thing if I unplug it from my computer to put it on another one will I be able to use my base computer to send wireless to other computers once I have programed it to the Faculty X one.

Also it asked for a WEP code what is that.



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If it was asking for a WEP it sounds like you had it up and running.

WEP key is the encryption key for a secure network.


I suggest you uninstall the software & start again.

Insert the cd and run setup DO NOT plug the device in at this stage, when installation is complete it should ask you to reboot, once rebooted you can plug the device in and start the program, before starting it make sure you turn off the built in wireless network.


Once up & running click on the "Available Networks" tab you will see a list of networks and it will say if they have security, unless you know the code you will only be able to connect to the unsecured ones.

Select the network you want to connect to and click "Add to Profile" it will open another widow which is where you enter the key if required if not just click OK. It should now be back on the "General" tab which should show signal strength, quality & IP info.


Yes you can use it on any PC you have installed the software & drivers on, it won't affect the internal wireless card but can cause conflicts if running both at the same time that is why you need to turn of the wireless card when using it.


If you are doing it on your laptop at home the strongest signal will probably be your home router, if you are using one supplied by your ISP the WEP key will probably be on the serial number/bar code label on the router.

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Guest JudgeMental

I also am not very technical but mine is working very well and gives me a 100% signal on campsite in Spain. if i dont use it signal drops out or does not connect or is slow so it does the job! i nearly sent it back as took me for ever to work it out....


You should have sorted it out before you left home..presuming you are traveling, or otherwise why dont you call them and they will talk you through it...


be prepared for a lot of head scratching, as certainly not intuitive OR plug and play!!!!

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Thanks Lenny for the help I have not sorted it yet but working on it.


Judge no I have not left yet and am trying to put it on my home base computer the reason that I have not contacted Faculty X is there was no invoice in the box to contact them and I am in the process of finding there telephone number but thanks for the help.



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