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Insurance for non-EU countries.

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I'm hoping to get a bit more adventurous in the next couple of years and wonder how members obtain motor insurance cover for countries that aren't in the usual list, for example Morocco, Bosnia, Turkey, Russia etc. You get the point!

My own insurer doesn't want to know and research tells me that I can sometimes buy it at a border but it's often just third-party and, with a new and moderately expensive motorhome, I'm not sure I like the risk and ideally, would like to arrange it in the U.K before leaving. Is this possible?

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Thank you all. I'm still not much wiser. I know the countries that most insurers cover (what is known as the territorial limits) and it's the EU countries and a few others which have signed up to an agreement to honour the Green Card system.

However, my insurer will not cover countries such as Albania for instance at any price and Comfort will only cover the countries in question at an extra cost. Safeguard do not list them on their website but I suspect that they might have the same attitude.

And my other problem is that I'm already insured and have just renewed.

However, I've found a brilliant site called MagBaz Travels, which features an intrepid couple who motorhome all over the place and they give excellent advice, which mainly tells how to buy cover at the point of entry, although it's often third-party only.

I just wondered how these people who go all over the world cope with insurance. Is there a company that will definitely cover you in places such as, for example, Tunisia, Albania or Serbia? Obviously it would be at a price but so far, I can't find such a company, despite searching the Internet.

Thanks again anyway.

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