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how do you instal POIs to a new TomTom?


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:-D In MHM forum i found POIs for MacDonalds *-) :-( I installed them on my old Garmin :-D


Today a happy camper arrived at this wi-fi paradise without a Laptop 8-) (nor any washing 8-) all done they said 8-) )


They have a NEW tom tom extra rubbish *-) I didnt express any opinion *-)


It has no card reader and seemingly no way to install the POIs :-S


How dose one transfer the files from my laptop to their NEW Tom tom (?) They paid 40€ more than i did *-) *-)


The French can be easily upset by such revelations *-) B-) Please post soon as im off very soon :'( :-( :-S I would rather not leave :-( Saddly i have to be in town later & there is a market i want to go to in the morning at 7.30/8.00 have to be as near as i can tonight 8-) *-)


Its a goodl day to do the wash blue sky not quite warm enough ummm 16c prehaps a bit to much breeze. *-) All the same a good day during the rainy season were in 8-) 8-) *-)

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New tomtoms use a new sytem called Mytomtom. There should bean icon at the bottm left of the windows toolbar. With the tomtom connected right click on this icon and choose Add community content (you may have to sign into your tomtom account). then click on add poi, you then add the poi, then the .bmp file that relates to the poi


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breakaleg - 2012-05-15 1:29 PM


or plug it in via the usb cable open my computer look for it as a drive, double click drag and drop poi into map, job done



Sorry Pete but with the new type tomtoms you can't put pois on that way. It has to be via Mytomtom

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