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Awning Rail / Channel - Availability in WHITE?


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I would like to purchase 3.1M of 6mm white awning channel - C section, with lugs preferably (almost a K section).


Is it available? If so where?


It is for mounting an Easi Canopi sunshade type awning (like the Stotherts) on our coachbuilt.

I would prefer white as there is no other bare aluminium on our camper. And I think it would be smoother as bare aluminium oxidizes over a period of time (unless it is anodised).



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Sorry,not white(anodised ali')but a white insert and neat end caps,would make a neat job:




I've used the type with the small fixing flange either side before and to be honest the stuff I had was a pain..because I found that when fixing it,there was insufficient clearance to allow the screw heads to pass,without marking the edge of the channel section...

(..if that makes sense...)

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I have just found what I want at a very reasonable price (but not in white!) .


Riversway Leisure, Preston.

12 foot of anodized aluminium "C" section awning rail (screwed from inside section). £13.95.

300 ml cartridge of Sikaflex 512 £5.95.


Job done this afternoon.




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Hi Pepe63


I have just been re-reading the replies to my earlier query.


Yes, I had some bother with the screw head clearance holes as well!


The rail was already drilled for the screw holes and a larger hole through the slot for the screw head to pass. These had quite a burr on them. I had to spend quite a while smoothing the edges of these holes with fine miniature files and very fine carborundum paper.


Worth the effort though. The sun shade awning (similar to the Stotherts) slides in a treat now.


We can only hope for some sun now!


Best wishes


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