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Cracked bathroom sink

Rocking Ron

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Hi folks


Its been a while since I Iast posted a message, however I do keep tabs on the forum and continue to enjoy all your comments.

I own a 14 yr. old Granduca on a fiat 1.9 TD.

Just recently three cracks have appeared on the bathroom corner sink one being where the tap passes through the sink.There are plenty on the market but all are to small none are 15" -15" the size I require.

Does anyone out there know where I could get it repaired.

Have I Imagined that some time ago I read in the 3 Ms about someone who sent there sink away to have a mould made and a new one cast ???

I would appreciate any advice as to where I could send it for repair. or advice on a DIY job


Yours In anticipation Rocking Ron

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Guest Tracker
If you Google something like 'caravan plastic shower tray repairs' an answer will, quite by the magic of telephony, appear!!
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Guest peter
Remove it and lamiate the affected areas, or the whole sink with grp resin and woven or chopped strand mat. But make sure you rough up the surface and clean it before you start. That's what I did and it worked a treat.
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Monman - 2012-05-22 9:20 PM


Firstly,have you tried O'Leary's?

Worth also mentioning that mouthwash should never be used in motorhomes as it will crack sinks I believe.


As well as O'Leary's have a good shuftie on ebay - someone earlier this year/late last year was asking for a sink and I found one on there which was a match.


We have always used mouthwash in motorhomes, however, we make sure that we rinse the sink afterwards to ensure that none of it is left in the bowl.

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